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FVTLED Pack of 10 Low Voltage LED Deck lights kit Φ1.38  Outdoor Garden Yard Decoration Lamp Recessed Landscape Pathway Step Stair Warm White LED Lighting, Bronze

FVTLED Pack of 10 Low Voltage LED Deck lights kit Φ1.38 Outdoor Garden Yard Decoration Lamp Recessed Landscape Pathway Step Stair Warm White LED Lighting, Bronze Item NO: D35

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  • LED deck lights are IP65 waterproof, safe for indoor and outdoor use. Unique retro and stylish bronze surface with Half-moon shape
  • Work with 12 volts (low voltage) DC power supply, energy saving and environment friendly. Hardware & plastic integrated design.
  • It is designed to illuminate your outdoor walkways, stairs and decks, all while adding extra safety and security to your home.
  • Can also used in commercial places like shopping malls, square, hotels as decoration or lighting.
Product Detail
Product Name FVTLED Pack of 10 Low Voltage LED Deck lights kit Φ1.38 Outdoor Garden Yard Decoration Lamp Recessed Landscape Pathway Step Stair Warm White LED Lighting, Bronze
Item NO D35
Weight 0.9000 kg = 1.9842 lb = 31.7466 oz
Category Step Lights
Tag deck lights , low voltage LED lights , waterproof , outdoor lighting , step lights , stairs light , 35mm
Creation time 2018-06-07


FVTLED 10 Pack Low Voltage Waterproof Outdoor Warm White LED Deck Light Kit with Transformer, create cozy and ambiance for your outdoor entertaining spaces


-Unique design with bronze half-moon appearance make it looks more modern, which creates a stylish appearance once installed.
-Best choice for decorating, led light can be used to creating a warm, soft, romantic,and comfortable ambiance,and ease your mind effectively.
-0.4W only, work with 12 volts (low voltage) DC power supply. Use high quality material,and there are good bearing capacity.
-Waterproof, weatherproof, rustproof. Sturdy waterproof design with IP65 protection level can not only protect the led light from rusty but also ensure that you can use it properly.

Energy-efficient LED lights are low profile and emit warm white light


Model: B106X
Lighting Colors: Warm White
Color temperature: 2800-3200K
Voltage: DC12V
Rate Output Power: 0.4W
Lumen Output: 10 LM
Beam angle: 90°
LED Chips: 1x SMD5050 LED
IP Rating: IP65
Application: Indoor & Outdoor
Wire length: Double 0.5M 
Distance between each light: 1M (3.28ft)
Material: Zinc Alloys
item Color: Bronze
Dimension: Φ35(1.38")*H25mm(0.98")
Function: Decoration Light

Decoration small in size but large in functionality and style, add instant warm feeling to indoor/outdoor


1. Please pay attention to the distinction between positive and negative wire, there is an arrow signal on the wire
2. Please pay attention to these lights are Small Size Φ(diameter)35mm(1.38")*H25mm(0.98")
3. The length between each light is 1m(3.28ft), if you want to extend it, please purchase our 2pin extension cables separately.
4. These lights are DC 12V low voltage so that can not be connected to AC voltage, otherwise these lights will be burned out or blink (It will shorten the lights' lifespan).

What's in the box?

10x LED Inground Lights
1x 8W LED Power Supply 
in original package

Best choice for decorating, led light can be used to creating a warm, soft, romantic,and comfortable ambiance, and ease your mind effectively.

Unique design with half-moon appearance make it looks more modern, which creates a stylish appearance once installed.

Tips for Installation:
Please ensure you connect all the cables correctly in accordance with the user instruction.
In order to ensure the best lighting effects, please connected lamps under 30pcs, Cables should under 100ft.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration, can be installed anywhere you can drill holes, such as kitchen plinth, deck stair, deck step, patio, floor, eaves, pool,walkways, kitchen, garden outdoor led landscape lighting, etc.


Mitchell Ferguson

Arrived quickly and work great. I got these to install around the perimeter of my back deck and they look awesome. They are very easy to install, only requiring a wood bit. Unfortunately, about 2 months after installing them I had some rabbits get underneath my deck and chew through the cords. I emailed the seller to see if there was anything they could do to replace the units that had been chewed through, as I had originally bought (20) and only needed a few to be replaced. The seller replied within a couple of hours and actually sent me replacement units free of charge. I haven't installed the new lights yet, I will probably run the cords inside some flex or PVC so this doesn't happen again but overall these are very cool lights



Ran these on our deck looks great, lots of light



The lights are fantastic. I installed them to light the stairs to my deck. They provide just the right amount of light to see while walking up the stairs and look very nice. The one bad part is that the photo sensor to turn them on as the sun sets dies within a few months outside the warranty. If you buy this be prepared to buy a new photo sensor.


Rick C.

They are very easy to install and the remote is very user friendly



Working perfectly. Just make sure to purchase extensions and tees.



These are great and not that expensive. I have them on some stairs at work and they are on about 14 hours a day. They have been on for about 6 months and work great. I used a 3/4 in bit and drilled through the stair riser and they fit very snug. Great value and they look great!



Extremely pricey but love the lights, limited on distance between lights



I took a different approach and installed these into the rails of a lanai screen cage. Wiring was a little on the fun side. Used the 10 pack, cut off all of the ends and used 18/5 thermostat wire for a more reliability. I then soldered all of the joints before tucking them into the rail. On top of that, I did not use the included LED controller, instead I used a Fibraro RGBW controller and tied this into Smartthings. Along with 6 Sylvania RGBW lights in the lanai recessed cans, I created scenes for all colors and they synch together seamlessly.



These lights are good for accenting a pathway at night. They're not that bright so as long as you don't use them for illuminating a pathway they are fine.



These are super-easy to install; the power supply is sufficient for 40 pieces. Beware - if you purchase the smaller pieces version, the power supply is a lower amperage (wattage). Company miscounted my box but immediately send the balance with a phone call - and included another power supply! That's excellent customer service by any account. 1 holes x 1 deep, but if your wood is less than 1 deep, the springs actually wrap past the hole, providing a nice tight hold. If your wood is over 1 deep, drill the 1 hole an inch deep and complete with a 3/8 pilot hole (for the stem and wires). Took me just over 2 hours to install the 40 lights and all the wiring. I added a z-wave outdoor outlet and linked it to the front door light switch.


Amazon Customer

This is an awesome product. I have been looking around for a long time for the perfect stair low voltage lights and these lights are the answer. I purchased a set of 10 without the transformer and customer support was excellent providing the link. They are very easy to install if you can handle a drill, questions and answers are very informative and recommend reading them. I used a 3/4 fortsen bit and mounted them just outside the stair stringer at 36 apart and drilled holes in the stringers to accomodate the length which worked our perfect. I cut the last connector off and wired it into my existing transformer and I must say it was much easier with the connectors than most LW lights. Neighbor was so impressed he wants to install on some stairs inside him 1790's house (small dark staircase).

Customer service is excellent and just nice people who will communicate and answer questions. Very refreshing.

Lights are small but perfect for stairs. Highly recommend this product.


menais collazo

best product


Green Room Graphics

These are great little stair lights. I've got a dark outside staircase and have tried all manner of solar and battery based products to try and keep these stairs illuminated at night that lead up to my office. I sometimes have clients over in the evenings too so the safety of these stairs was a big concern. These lights went in super easy and I put them behind an EtekCity Alexa enabled smart plug that automatically turns them on at sunset and off at 11:30pm. They look terrific and the lighting is perfect. The seller is also very communicative about shipping - highly recommended.



They were simple to install and look great on my deck stairs We liked them so much the we purchased the RGB. All you do is drill a 15/16 or 7/8 hole and insert. I liked the 7/8 as it has a better fit.


Volodymyr Soloviov




These weren't included in the original deck plan but after reading the reviews and seeing the pictures I decided to add them to my deck and am very happy I did. Per the reviews, made a template from a scrap 1x4 board and used the 3/4 bit from my Ryobi Forstner Bit Set (8-Piece) to drill the holes for a nice snug fit. Layout planning is very important for proper spacing & to ensure everything will connect. I wound up using a zigzag pattern to connect the upper and lower lights but had to order another 10 lights and small transformer to add to my initial 30 light order to complete the install. Contrary to some reviews, I found it easy to connect the light wires as there is a notch in the plug that makes it fool proof. I purchased this ZESEN Outdoor/Indoor Dual Outlet Timer Heavy Duty Photocell Light Sensor Remote Control, 3-pin Grounded ETL https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0725WK2WQ/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_53 to turn on the lights at night and it has worked flawlessly.


Crystal Monteleone

Used this for bookcase lighting. Provided a good amount of light with a stylish touch.


Clifford L Johnson

These are very nice lights and so absolutely easy to install as well as expand for future. The company is quick to reply to questions not that I had many.


L Flan

These lights are gorgeous. My neighbors have paid thousands of dollars for their deck lighting. These are so pretty and inexpensive.



Very small wasn’t what I expected due to this we refused to install on our customers project returns are a headache so I guess they will sit in my closet until I figure what to do with them

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